A personal account of Africa Day

My experience of Africa day year 7
I have had an excellent day today it was very fun we did lots of different activities in different classes. Thi8s is what I thought of all the lessons and activities me and my form (7S) did and what I thought about it.
Period 1 (Art with Mr Tubb):
For our first lesson was art with Mr Tubb we discussed the mud huts and made our own out of paper. I worked with Faye to produce the mini hut we all enjoyed the task but I found it very difficult. We managed to make a stunning little model that is going into a little village of Africa for the whole school.
Period 2 (geography with Mr Barrett):
Out second lesson we had Geography with Mr Barrett we play6ed a game about water and how far less fortunate people in Africa have to walk to access the water. It was very fun I was in a group with Bonnie, Austen, Tilly, Arran and Ben. we had to work together to produce drawings of a bucket of water to get valuables like Maize and cotton etc. We came in second place!
Period 3 (dance African drummers/ dancers):
In period 3 we had dance with the African drummers and dancers we all stood in a line and learnt an African dance. I stood next to Faye the dance was fun to learn and everyone had a good time and was interested in the fun dance. In period 3 we all learnt something new about dancing.
Period 4 (speaking & listening with Mr Howard):
Period 4 was interesting because we did a bit of drama about a poem called limbo (it was about slavery) we were asked to do a drama piece about it. I was in a group with Bonnie, Faye and Emily it was about two slaves me and Faye and I ended up dead because I couldn’t obey rules.

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Personal responses to Africa Day

African drumming
Today was our African day the best bit for me was that there was African drummers that came in to our school to do African style drumming.
In period 3 we done African dancing in the hall
Were we had to copy the dancers and learn the routine and play it all the way through?
At lunchtime near the end of it they set up on the field and everyone was
Dancing like lunatics it was so fun then, there drumming is so accurate
To the African drummers that live in Africa they were so good because it is different to English music and it is different singing style. In the hall we had to be in lines of 2 the we performed in front of people.

Period One:
In art we made African mud houses and our teacher said that all of the years were building the mud houses and we are going to put all of them together and make a giant village.
I enjoyed the lesson very much.
Period Two:
In geography we were pretending we were a family and we had to get the recourses on a sheet so we could win the game and we had to draw buckets to get water and the buckets were to get the things we had to get.
I enjoyed the lesson.
Period Three:
In performing arts we listened to African music and danced to with actual African people doing the music and did it in rows and he taught us how to do African dance.
I enjoyed this lesson to.
Period Four:
In this lesson we did a drama peace about slavery and it was fun.
Period Five:
In this lesson we are writing all about our lessons and what we did and I am enjoying it
By Harry

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Africa Day

On the 19th of July, Eastwood pupils took part in a cultural day. They chose Africa to represent this special day on. They had a lot of different lessons all related to Africa. In art, they created huts, in geography they played a water game and in dance they learned a traditional African dance. The Lucky pupil experienced their first culture day.

In the English lesson, the academy pupils looked at a certain topic to do with a country in Africa. The choices were HIV, famine, African civil war, mountain gorillas and malaria. They had to make a charity and tell the class what the charity does to help. They also had a budget to spend on materials. They also had to have money spare to give to their charity and whoever had the most won.

By Sophie

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Mr Maths Has A Chat

Mr Maths aka Mr Cartlidge talks to Katie and Lauren about his views on books and his favourites.

Sir mentioned he likes autobiographies but he also reads a lot of children’s books because of his family.

His favourite author is J. R. R Tolkien and his story of The Hobbit. Let us know if you agree or not.

Untitled from Eastwood Academy on Vimeo.

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Mr Piercy in his natural environment

Do you have children and do you read to them?
Yes I do I have two. They are both boys, 9 and 12. The younger I read to him, actually he reads to me. But when he gets stuck with words I help him. He is a free reader. He is currently reading The Hobbit.

What do you think of reading?
Love it!

What are your favourite authors?
Lee Childs, Robert Ludlum, Tom Sharpe. I also like the Harry Potter series but it’s not cool to like that because I’m an adult and very cool. My three favourite books of all time are ‘Decline of religion and magic’ by Keith Thomas. It’s a book about if God is real or the question of whether it is all supernatural. I’m agnostic- I do believe, but I have lots of questions. I actually met the author. I’d give the book a 10/10. My second favourite book is Lord of the Rings. I don’t like The Hobbit. I had to read it so the LOTR makes sense, but I don’t like it. My third favourite book is a biography of Richard Burton. He was a Welsh actor and at one point was the world’s best. He was in everything from film to stage. He was a troubled and complex character. One of his best known films was Anthony and Cleopatra- he actually met his wife on the filming of it. It overran by about six months as he kept hitting his wife and they couldn’t film as she had a black eye. I don’t like romance and most of my wife’s books which are ‘Chic Lit’. I love action and non-fiction.

What are you reading at the minute?
I quite like reading famous quotes and I’m currently reading a book on that now. I like to read a quote a day and try learn it. I’m reading about 3-4 books at the minute. The Railway Man- it’s about a POW( Prisoner of War) in WWII in Japan. Although the man himself is very boring, his story is very interesting. My friend is going to give me a biography about Joe Simpson. I haven’t started reading it yet but I’m looking forward to it.

What got you into reading?
The book ‘Vintage Stuff’ by Tom Sharpe. I read it because my English teacher told me to read it. I fell in love and enjoyed him as a writer since. I read a lot of Welsh books as well as war poetry and even a bit of Shakespeare.

How can we get children into reading?
We need role models and the right book to capture their imagination. It’s hard but in the end it’s worth it. It is a challenge for the English staff to get people into reading.


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“The Lion, The Witch and a Wardrobe Full of Cook Books”


Mrs Steed, the new head of English at The Eastwood Academy, shares her thoughts and opinions on all things novel with Student Press.

They get to know her a little more and this new idea of reading for pleasure. But if a student doesn’t find reading interesting, what can Mrs Steed and the English department do for that person?
Ask Steed (2)

When asked why she loves to read so much, Mrs Steed responded that , “it challenges your mind, opens your heart and soul to new experiences, takes you to places you never thought you would go and allows you to walk in some-one else’s shoes for a while.”

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Reading For Pleasure Meets Mr Houchen.


THE FACTS: An international study shows that, by the age of 16, students who read for half an hour a day are, on average, one school year ahead of those who do not.

It is a common misconception that reading is simply the responsibility of the English Department. But it isn’t. The more students read, the better they become at it and that means that students can manage the particular demands of every subject on the curriculum and develop communication skills in everyday life.

Good Literacy Raises Standards

In England, students now face much longer examination questions in all subjects, which require students to structure and organise their responses. This places a significant demand on students’ literacy skills. They need to be able to read well in order to stand a chance of doing well.

These are some of the many reasons that, from September 2013 all students will be expected to read for 20 minutes during form time.

Ultimately, if students can read well and with confidence and knowledge, they stand a much greater chance of accessing a wider curriculum, succeeding in their assessments and in life. And that, surely, is good for everyone.

To help launch this initiative, we have Mr Houchen talking about some of his favourite books and why he loves to read.

The video below is Mr Houchen outlining what he thinks about reading and the importance it can hold. An interview with Mr Houchen will also follow shortly.

HDV 0264 from Eastwood Academy on Vimeo.

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