Personal responses to Africa Day

African drumming
Today was our African day the best bit for me was that there was African drummers that came in to our school to do African style drumming.
In period 3 we done African dancing in the hall
Were we had to copy the dancers and learn the routine and play it all the way through?
At lunchtime near the end of it they set up on the field and everyone was
Dancing like lunatics it was so fun then, there drumming is so accurate
To the African drummers that live in Africa they were so good because it is different to English music and it is different singing style. In the hall we had to be in lines of 2 the we performed in front of people.

Period One:
In art we made African mud houses and our teacher said that all of the years were building the mud houses and we are going to put all of them together and make a giant village.
I enjoyed the lesson very much.
Period Two:
In geography we were pretending we were a family and we had to get the recourses on a sheet so we could win the game and we had to draw buckets to get water and the buckets were to get the things we had to get.
I enjoyed the lesson.
Period Three:
In performing arts we listened to African music and danced to with actual African people doing the music and did it in rows and he taught us how to do African dance.
I enjoyed this lesson to.
Period Four:
In this lesson we did a drama peace about slavery and it was fun.
Period Five:
In this lesson we are writing all about our lessons and what we did and I am enjoying it
By Harry


About ldoran2012

We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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