A personal account of Africa Day

My experience of Africa day year 7
I have had an excellent day today it was very fun we did lots of different activities in different classes. Thi8s is what I thought of all the lessons and activities me and my form (7S) did and what I thought about it.
Period 1 (Art with Mr Tubb):
For our first lesson was art with Mr Tubb we discussed the mud huts and made our own out of paper. I worked with Faye to produce the mini hut we all enjoyed the task but I found it very difficult. We managed to make a stunning little model that is going into a little village of Africa for the whole school.
Period 2 (geography with Mr Barrett):
Out second lesson we had Geography with Mr Barrett we play6ed a game about water and how far less fortunate people in Africa have to walk to access the water. It was very fun I was in a group with Bonnie, Austen, Tilly, Arran and Ben. we had to work together to produce drawings of a bucket of water to get valuables like Maize and cotton etc. We came in second place!
Period 3 (dance African drummers/ dancers):
In period 3 we had dance with the African drummers and dancers we all stood in a line and learnt an African dance. I stood next to Faye the dance was fun to learn and everyone had a good time and was interested in the fun dance. In period 3 we all learnt something new about dancing.
Period 4 (speaking & listening with Mr Howard):
Period 4 was interesting because we did a bit of drama about a poem called limbo (it was about slavery) we were asked to do a drama piece about it. I was in a group with Bonnie, Faye and Emily it was about two slaves me and Faye and I ended up dead because I couldn’t obey rules.


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