Confessions of a Book Geek

Abbey and Katie interview the resident, self-confessed, geek of Eastwood, Mr J Tubb. They asked him his views on reading books and the great debate, Kindle versus paper. We popped into his office and caught Mr Tubb busy at work. His hay fever is being cruel and so he asks us that we interview him rather than record him.

Morning sir, so what do you think about books?

I love reading, I’m kind of a geek. [laughs at himself] I read about 2 books a week. I hate fantasy and I don’t read fiction. I only read factual books, sports, books about politics and books that inspire me. I don’t see the point of reading books that don’t teach me something or that don’t have a point to them. I like autobiographies. I’ve read Nelson Mandela’s book and Ghandi as well as James Cracknell’s story. However I wouldn’t read Katie Price because I feel she hasn’t done anything for the world.

You were a student at Eastwood, did you read a lot then?

When I was here we had a massive library and they really encouraged people to read. As there were no computers, we used books to find information to help us. This allowed us to read more and I found they were more reliable.

What books do you like?

The first book that really got me reading was ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King. I’ve read it loads of times and have now passed it down to my nephew and niece. Every year, birthdays and Christmas, I get at least one book.
I’m currently reading James Cracknell’s book, ‘Touching Distance’. He is a double Olympic gold medal winner for rowing. It is an interesting book because it is from two people’s perspective, the wife and the rower. James Cracknell begins talking about his life before his brain injury and his wife talks about his life after. It is interesting because the injury made him get angry, particularly with his son. But it wasn’t him, it was the injury that did it.
Cracknell himself did not edit anything that was written by his wife because he wanted to see how it impacted his family. It is this honestly and truthfulness that I honestly feel inspiring about this sporting legend. I’m reading books because I want to learn something new or teach myself something. I’m a really keen kayaker so this autobiography is even more interesting to me. So far, I’m really enjoying this book and I would really recommend it to anyone who lacks self-confidence and self-beliefs as Cracknell really does prove that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you and if you don’t expect defeat you have the drive and determination to succeed.
I’ve only had the book for two days and I’m nearly 2/3 of the way through its 336 pages.

What exactly do you like about books?

Everything about a book, the physical thing of holding onto a book and the actual turning of the page to reveal more of the story, the way you use whatever is to hand to act as a bookmark, the fact that you visualise the story in your head using your imagination, and I even love the smell of books. If they did an aftershave in it I would love it. [Mrs Steed- suggests Eau de Novel and Mr Tubb makes a funny face]. Doesn’t really work as well though does it? I also love how you can read a book and put it down and then ten years later read it again and see the sun cream from your holiday. It really brings back memories. The twist of the story will still hook you in.

Do you read art books?

No[ laughs], I don’t really read them, I am an art teacher and love art I just don’t have an interest in art books other than using visual reference books to inspire my own artwork. I’m a physical artist rather than an art historian.

Eastwood has competitions that offer students a chance to win a Kindle, what do you think about that idea?

Personally I don’t like Kindles but that’s not to say they aren’t good. I don’t think anything can replace a book. I love everything about a book. I bought a Kindle for my Nan and she loves it because her eyesight is poor. I also think they’re a great idea for travelling. But just because I personally don’t like them doesn’t mean they’re not a good idea and anything that gets students interested in reading is a great idea to me.

Thanks sir for your time.


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