Mr Piercy in his natural environment

Do you have children and do you read to them?
Yes I do I have two. They are both boys, 9 and 12. The younger I read to him, actually he reads to me. But when he gets stuck with words I help him. He is a free reader. He is currently reading The Hobbit.

What do you think of reading?
Love it!

What are your favourite authors?
Lee Childs, Robert Ludlum, Tom Sharpe. I also like the Harry Potter series but it’s not cool to like that because I’m an adult and very cool. My three favourite books of all time are ‘Decline of religion and magic’ by Keith Thomas. It’s a book about if God is real or the question of whether it is all supernatural. I’m agnostic- I do believe, but I have lots of questions. I actually met the author. I’d give the book a 10/10. My second favourite book is Lord of the Rings. I don’t like The Hobbit. I had to read it so the LOTR makes sense, but I don’t like it. My third favourite book is a biography of Richard Burton. He was a Welsh actor and at one point was the world’s best. He was in everything from film to stage. He was a troubled and complex character. One of his best known films was Anthony and Cleopatra- he actually met his wife on the filming of it. It overran by about six months as he kept hitting his wife and they couldn’t film as she had a black eye. I don’t like romance and most of my wife’s books which are ‘Chic Lit’. I love action and non-fiction.

What are you reading at the minute?
I quite like reading famous quotes and I’m currently reading a book on that now. I like to read a quote a day and try learn it. I’m reading about 3-4 books at the minute. The Railway Man- it’s about a POW( Prisoner of War) in WWII in Japan. Although the man himself is very boring, his story is very interesting. My friend is going to give me a biography about Joe Simpson. I haven’t started reading it yet but I’m looking forward to it.

What got you into reading?
The book ‘Vintage Stuff’ by Tom Sharpe. I read it because my English teacher told me to read it. I fell in love and enjoyed him as a writer since. I read a lot of Welsh books as well as war poetry and even a bit of Shakespeare.

How can we get children into reading?
We need role models and the right book to capture their imagination. It’s hard but in the end it’s worth it. It is a challenge for the English staff to get people into reading.



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We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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