Harry Potter

17On Monday 27th May, I went to Harry Potter’s world. It took an hour and a half to get there by car from Southend. As I pulled up, there were massive pictures of The Harry Potter films and the original chess pieces from the first film.
When I first walked in there, they had canvases hanging on the wall of the main actors. To the right was the gift shop. They had nearly everything from the films.

They had different flavour sweets from candy floss to vomit flavour. When the tour began they showed us a few clips and told us that it was animal week, they had never done that before. They had brought in all of the animals that were in the films, like Hedwig the owl and Fang the dog.

First of all you get a Magical Passport. At every stop you have to stamp it. You also have to look for the golden snitches in certain places. You first go to the Dining Hall were you look at some of the costumes worn. You see life size models of all the teachers and their pets.
You then move on to a hall, you have the Boys’ dormitory, the broom riding, the common room, the death eaters and the Ministry of Magic. In the common room I saw Hermione’s cat Crookshanks, Trevor the toad who’s Neville’s and Pigwidgon who’s Ron’s adopted owl! In that hall there is a broom riding room. There is a green screen and a broom; you also get to pick a cloak that you want. They also had the flying car so you could go on that as well. You have 3 pictures with different backgrounds and a video.

Next is outside, you can go on the nigh bus, which has been made out of three buses, put into one, Hagrids motor bike and the Weasly’s car that was crashed in the second film. You can also have butterbear, (which is from Hogsmede in the books) which is really cream soda. They have Privet Drive and Harry’s old house. They also have the bridge from the movies.

After that you go into another building, which is where they made the goblins masks, Dobby, and all of the creatures in the films. They showed how they did it and what type of paint they used. They made models that were exactly the same as the originals.

Next was Diagonally, they had all of the shops that were named in the books and had real owls outside. They had Olivanders wand shop, The Weaslys joke shop and Flourish and Blotts uniform.
The last part of the tour was the models; they had made a 40 days model of Hogwarts. They had built tiny models of everything and had done drawings. They showed you all of the cartoons and drawings of the planning. This part had taken the longest as it was creating the ideas. The model of Hogwarts is massive. It has every class room and part of the Hogwarts ground. After that part, they had everyone names of who helped into tiny wand boxes!

By Lauren



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