Year 8 Options

Recently we have been interviewing fellow pupils, and asking them questions about the option blocks and subjects. This year the academy ha=s decided that the options will now be taking there options one year earlier so this means that year 9 and year 8 will be taking them at the same time.
How do they work?
The options are split in to 4 different blocks: Humanities, Languages, Arts and Technology we then have to choose 4 of these that we choose and then 7 core subjects. The subjects we get to choose out of are:
French, Geography and History
French, Geography and History
ICT, Business studies, Graphic design, Computer science and PE
Drama, Dance, Music, Statistics and Art
The 7 core subjects are: English literature, English language, maths, science, additional science, citizenship and RE.
One of the people we interviewed was Saffron she is in Year 8 and is taking her options this year. Her opinion on the blocks is that she doesn’t like the blocks because she wanted to take music and drama however they were in the same block. She thinks it is the right time to take her options because she knows what she wants to do in the future. Her final options she is taking include: History French PE and Music.
The second person we interviewed about the options was Connor, he is also Year 8. He likes the blocks because all the subjects he wants to take are in the right blocks for him. He thinks it is too early to choose his options because he doesn’t know what he wants to do for his career, this is one of the problems that some people have encountered when choosing their options. His final choices are Geography History PE and Dance.

By Chanelle


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