U16 netball tournament


 As the teams arrived at Southend High School for Girls on Thursday 14th March,  the snow began to fall. Fortunately it was not heavy enough to settle, so apart from proving how cold it was it didn’t affect the running of the tournament.


This was the last tournament for all the yr 11 teams & they were determined to finish on a high. Eastwood had a very tough start playing SHSG first. They started slowly and lost to a very talented side. Eastwood knew they had to raise their game in the next match against WHSG, which they did making it a tight match with Jessica & Jessica shooting well. Unfortunately the greater playing experience of WHSG was too much & they went on to win the tournament overall.


After getting the two toughest matches out of the way, Eastwood then went on to win comfortably against St. Hilda’s, Futures, Shoebury & Eatwood’s yr 10 team. This winning streak earned the team a final position of 3rd. Meaning the girls have achieved a fantastic 3rd place for 5 years in a row.

Player of the tournament was a tough choice but for consistently good play throughout all the matches it goes to Sharna . The most improved player of the year goes to Katie .


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