Eastwood academy vs. Westcliff high school for girls

League basketball match


February the 5th the year 10-9 girl’s basketball team took to the court for their second league match this season, as the starting five set up (Eastwood Sasha Cornell (C), Gabby Pearson, Adele Stacey, Holly Coughlan and Ashleigh Searle.) As the ball was throw up WHSG won the tip off and ran straight down the court for a lay-up and scored four of them put them into the lead 8-0 to WHSG. After a time out Eastwood was straight back into action with Cornell scoring, this put Eastwood sprits high as soon after another basket was scored by Coughlan and with excellent defence from Pearson the board for WHSG stood at a standstill the only thing which was moving was the fails as Searle brought up the ball the same fail kept being done. As a couple of seconds left on the court Stacey did a lovely pass to Cornell scored the final basket for that quarter. With WHSG excellent defence they were able to win that quarter 8-6 to WHSG.

Second quarter kicked off with a good start for Eastwood as Cornell scored 4 baskets in a row then it was the turn was WHSG to fight back as they scored to lay-ups in a row and a free throw making the score 14-14 to Eastwood. A sub was made Stacey for Chloe Taber, the court was just going backwards and forwards for a bit until Taber lighten up the court with a fantastic shot not even touching the sides moved the score board up. Once again this kicked Eastwood off with Coughlan scoring a basket and not long after Cornell scored another 2 baskets in a row leaving the game at 13-20 to Eastwood.    

Subs were made for Eastwood once again Searle for Rachel Smith and the game kicked of WHSG getting close to the basket and scoring 3 baskets in the row but with fantastic defence from Coughlan, Pearson and Cornell unfortunately unable to score  for the whole quarter which gave Eastwood a good lead with Fantastic pass being made to Cornell by Pearson, Smith, Coughlan and Taber given Cornell the opportunity to score 7 baskets in the row just before a injury happening for WHSG as they had to go from 5 girls to 4 gave Eastwood another opportunity but only with a minute left only didn’t give them enough time but luckily Cornell was able to score the last basket of the quarter from her knees finished the game for her with Eastwood in the lead. 34-20

Last quarter and everyone is really tried but this wasn’t going to stop Taber scoring a nice clean basket but once again WHSG fight back and score 2 basket in a row and to finish of the game Coughlan scored making it 38-24 to Eastwood Academy  .


By Sasha


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