Starting New

It is the time of year again when all year 6 children are waiting to hear the results of what school they will start at in September.

Most children are nervous about starting new and are worried about many things. A survey was carried out to find what children mostly worried about. The results were as follows:  1% said the journey,29% said being bullied by older people 19% said getting lost, 11% said not making friends, 10% said the amount of homework, another 10% say the size of the school, 9% are scared of what the teachers will be like, 5% said being the smallest  in the school, 4% say getting detention and the remaining 2% are scared of being leftout.

But, heres my advise, don’t worry about any of these thing as when you get their you will not think about this and everything will come naturally.

But who are you to listen to me, I remember my week before starting senior school,I didn’t matter how many books I read about how great senior school was, I just didn’t belive them. I had to find out myself. And I can guarantee it will be the same for you.

The truth is the older ones don’t talk to you and everyone is in the same boat.


So for all my readers stop worrying and enjoy the rest of your  time at primary school.



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We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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