’13’ A New Musical.



emily2On 26th January 2012 a musical show called 13 a new musical was performed by kids above 12 years old. It was performed at the Clifftown studios in Southend on sea. It gave the chance to 15 kids to gain confidence and show their talent, it also gave them the chance to make new friends and have a good time with old ones!
The show was about a boy called Even Goldman trying to fit in at a new school when his mum and dad split up. He moves to Indiana and makes a new best friend called Patrice, he has to battle between having a life that he hates but he will be mega popular and have lots of friends or, he can have a life he enjoys but will be bullied because of the people he hangs around with!
A girl called Blythe said, “ I really enjoyed making friends and having a good time with others, this was my first show that I had been in and I hope to be in it again next year. It couldn’t have gone better, but, it was very sad when it all had to end!”
The show was organised by a company called reach for talent which is run by Danni, she also was the director of the show and made all the scenery.
A women in the audience said, “It was a very good show and I can’t wait for next year!”


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We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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