Snowy Southend

Frozen Pond





Eastwood Academy pupils wrap up warm for icy weather.

On Monday 14th January, several inches of unexpected snow fell over Southend-on-Sea. This meant that The Eastwood Academy was closed for the day, allowing the pupils to enjoy some time with friends and family. The next day though, Eastwood was open, and pupils came into school wrapped up warm, with everyone wearing a hat, scarf, and gloves.
When they arrived at school, pupils found puddles, and even the school pond, had

frozen over due to the bitter temperature. Eastwood were prepared though! With the ground covered in rock salt and the theatre open at lunchtime, the pupil’s safety came first.
After taking some photos of the snowy weather, we thought it would be a good idea if we did a little bit of research on the snow, and got some information about the winter weather.
Geography Lesson
So, how is snow actually formed?
Well, as you may already know, moisture from the Earth is evaporated by

the sun and rises into the clouds, where it cools to form water molecules.
If the temperature up in the clouds is at freezing or below, the water molecules can freeze, turning into snow.
Another method is that if when the water molecules fall as rain, and the air below the clouds is at freezing temperature or below, the rain can actually freeze on the way down, forming snow.

Report by Phoebe, Brogan and Chanelle


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