Essex Cup Basketball

Eastwood Academy vs Greensward Academy

Tuesday the 29th was a date put down in the diary for Eastwood under 14 basketball team. As the starting five for each team get ready for tip off (Eastwood- Sasha Cornell (c), Ashleigh Searle, Gabby Pearson, Holly Coughlan and Grace Gunn) the whistle was blown and the game kicked off.

Eastwood could tell this was going to be tough match to win as 5 minutes in they were 7-0 down with Greensward showing fantastic attacking and defence skills.  The game kicked off for Eastwood as Coughlan scored 6 minutes into the first quarter and shortly after Searle scored a free throw and a lay-up, Eastwood still wasn’t finish until Coughlan scored the last shot in the quarter finishing it off 5-30 to Greensward.

Second quarter started off and Eastwood started off good with Cornell’s defence kicking in a little bit. Greensward had shot after shot after shot. Eastwood made a substitution half-way but was a little late as the second quarter finished 5-50. Half time finishing Eastwood started good with Cornell scoring within the first minute. Greensward and Eastwood had fantastic defence and kept the score still for a good 6 minutes until Cornell Scored another lay-up.  With Pearson defence, Greensward were unable to score any more. 10 seconds left for third quarter and Cornell was bringing up the ball with only three second left she took the chance from shooting just gone the half-way line. The whole hall went silent you could have heard a pin drop then suddenly the Eastwood bench went crazy as the ball swished through the net which scored Cornell 3 points the buzzer went and the end of third quarter saw the game at 12-50 to Greenswards.

Last quarter and Eastwood knew there was no chance in winning this match but this did not stop them from keeping up the hard work. Cornell starting the whole quarter of by scoring once again but with Greensward scoring as well the game between them grew far apart and then Eloise Smith subbed on and scored but once again Greensward came fighting back. Substitutions  were being made more the first time in the match we saw the face of Adele Stacey and it didn’t take long until Stacey scored then Searle exceled again scoring a fantastic lay-up. But as the game grew to a close Greensward wanted to score the last shot leaving the match to 20-66 to Greensward.  Eastwood top scorers Cornell -9 and Searle-6. A tough match but great play from all.


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