Midlands Trampoline Championships 12/13


As the cold weather hit Essex a young girl made her way up to Ross on Wye for an overnight stay before the big competition the next day. After poor weather conditions which held people back, Sasha was the only one able to attend which shows her strength and determination. Two coaches from Brentwood kindly  took her under their wing for the day.

Arriving at the trampoline competition the nerves started to kick in, this young girl from The Eastwood Academy had an emotional start to the day but with the support from Brentwood team she was able to tuck her tears away and start her nerve racking warm-up. As she was trying to perform her routine to the best of her ability she started to get herself worked up but she had no time for that as the competition had started.  Seeing her rival competing first from the last competition, she set a very high standard that Sasha knew she had to beat.

Sasha got called up and got the heads up from the judges. She started to perform her first routine. Losing balance on her straddle jump coast her deadly points for the next move but she was able to pull it back together in achieving a positive 22.5 marks from the judges. Unfortunately for her she was one whole point away from her arrival but this wasn’t going to stop her.

As the second and final round started Sasha’s rival gave another excellent second routine but lost points on the travelling but gave her a health overall score of 48.5. Sasha got called up again and once again got the heads up from the judges she nervously started her last routine. Her nerves got too much for her when she went to do her last final 4 moves, rushing them and landing one footed lost her over 0.7 points but because of her tariff and her positive score from her first routine she just missed out in getting to the nationals by 0.1 points. This left her in 4th position with a score of 46.3.   



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