Bullying A: Report

Abby has interviewed Mrs Lilywhite, the Head of Pastoral at The Eastwood Academy about bullying and bullying awareness.

What is your job role within the school? I try to increase awareness of bullying and how to prevent it in assemblies. Several different subjects have been looking at the subject of anti-bullying, English, Citizenship, Religious Education and Drama.
How do you think the victims feel? I think they feel scared, sad and depressed. They also might feel like they don’t want to come into school.
How does Eastwood help? Any school that says no to bullying, helps. Most of it is name calling, a mental form of bullying.
So how can the problem be resolved? Talk to someone , only then will it get better.
And what help does Eastwood offer? We have a nurse every Tuesday lunch time. This is a confidential service and we also have a school councillor.
Do you think the media helps the problem of bullying or makes it worse? I think it helps. It encourages people, other students, to report it and to think before they act. Celebrities can help, David Beckham for example has spoken out about how we need to prevent and stop it.
Emily, the head girl at the school and a year 11 student said it can have ‘horrible , terrible effects for life’.

Bullying is certainly an issue that has been around for a long time, but the question is, will it be around for much longer?

Abby, reporting for Eastwood School Report.


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