Year 10 Sports Leaders Take Charge

On the 22nd of November , thirteen  students from The Eastwood Academy, took part in a sports leadership event. It was held at Garons Park and the event was run as a Key Stage 1 sportshall athletics day with students from the local primary school in attendance.  The event was attended by the largest amount of schools in the events history, the number of primary schools participating more than tripled with 18 schools taking part with students from as young as reception age up until year 2. 

The Eastwood students , all from year 10, helped run the events such as over and under hurdles, vertical jump, relay races and push pass.

‘We had a very good time looking after the little children with a good amount of exercise’- Melanie Townsend and Jessica Torry.

The event was organised by the school sports partnership who rely on young volunteers from The Eastwood Academy to help assist with the smooth running of the event on the day. Sophie Daltrey (PE teacher at the Eastwood Academy) took thirteen year 10 students to the KS1 sports hall athletics day and these students not only helped set up the whole event, they also ran field events, timed relays, recorded results, and hwelped the young children compete. Miss Daltrey said, ‘ the event couldn’t have gone ahead without them. They improvised, worked extremely well under pressure and in unfamiliar surroundings and were a credit to the school ’.


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