Hockey beginners for Eastwood

This year is the first time ever that the Eastwood School has put forward a hockey team to participate in the Essex cup with their coaches Miss H Froment and Miss S Daltrey. The under 14 boys is made up of year 7  and 8 students. The boys started their first Essex cup match with a draw but this didn’t stop them wanting to win the next game.

On Thursday the 22nd of November the under 14 boys hockey team had a travel up to Romford to take on Drapers’ Academy. All the boys were nervous but that didn’t stop them believing in themselves.  After the long trip the boys all got of the mini bus and were raring to go. As the match started, the coaches from both teams were standing on the side line nervous but cheering on the boys all the way through.

As the match went on , a score was finally achieved nearly 15 minutes in by Fred of Eastwood, he plays for Essex and using his skills in school aswell as outside beat the defence of Drapers.  The whistle blow for half time with a score of 1-0 to Eastwood. After a team talk and some courage from the teachers once again the boys stood up and went back fighting not to let a goal in.

During the second half the goal keeper Alex, from Eastwood,  made some fantastic saves and not letting one in. Drapers were fierce on the attack and tried desperately to close the gap.  As the time kept rolling on, there were plenty more attacks on goal but none successful and the whistle blew for full time.

Eastwood 1 Drapers 0

By Sasha


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