Children in Need

On the 16th of November 2012 at 7:30 children in need went live on a mission to raise as much money and awareness for unfortunate children as possible.

The annual event has many different celebrities trying to entertain and inform people.To start off the night One Direction performed their song ‘Live while we’re young’.

 Until around 8:40 Sir Terry Wogan and Fern Cotton were the celebrity hosts then Tess Daley took  over from Fern Cotton.

Some fund raisers shown in the show were:

  • The country file calendar sales;
  • sponsored bike ride by the 1 show;
  • sponsored sea swim by Gregg;
  • sponsored fun run.

The One Show had a team of teenagers who had been affected by Children in Need and wanted to give something back. The people rode the Rickshaw challenge and were sponsored by the public. They began in Liverpool and followed the border of the UK into london. So far they have raised an amazing £1,127,317. The map shows the route they took.

Though out the night there were special performances from:

  • EastEnders;
  • One Direction;
  • Girls Aloud;
  • 2000 children choir.


In the evening a 2000 children choir sung live. The choir was made up from many different schools and was filmed live at all the different places. Some towns include Essex, Cambridge, Belfast, East Sussex and many others. They were brilliant!

Another special appearance on the show was Girls Aloud singing for the first time in 3 years publicly.

You are still able to donate, either phone 03457332233 or donate on line at the 1sttotalling of the evening at 8:55 there was a total of£10,807,462 and by the end of the evening it had more than doubled giving a grand total of £26,757,446 and makes it out of 32 other appeals the most raised money yet.

The chief executive of children in need,David Ramsden said’ Tonight’s total is phenomenal. It is amazing that people across the UK have come together to raise such a massive sum. Thank you so much for helping to change thousands of young lives across the UK’

Radio 2 also gave massive contribution to the total and was led by Sir Terry Wogan and Chris Evans. There total given came to an impressive sum of £4 million by doing a range of various activities.

This years Blue peter appeal in aid of children in need was to go pyjamas Many children around the UK took.

The night was a successes and a triumph as it raised the biggest sum ever and is still improving. Thank you for all that took part. Well Done!!!


By Amber


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We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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