Borough Cross Country

On Wednesday the 14th of November 10 local schools took to the starting line with 10 runners for each year. Mrs Hewitt from The Eastwood Academy and the cross country coach said: ‘The Eastwood cross country girls ran their hearts out of themselves and the school to produce some fantastic results. Here are some of the results the young runners got’.

In Year 7, the best result came from Connie Mashford who finished in 11th . Phoebe Jeffrey came in at 4th , a fantastic result for Year 8. The year 9 squad was strong with a lot of top finishers. Rachael Aldis 2nd, Gabriella Pearson 4th, Annie Brown 5th, Lacie Bell Lewis 6th,  Sasha Cornell 13th  and Lizzie Tresadern 16th. There were several runners in the Year  10/11 age group. Chloe Ling was just one of the students who had a good run and came in at 12th .                                           

To top of this wonderful day for Eastwood,  the year 9 girls once again made history in another sport by actually winning the year 9 competitions and beating Southend High For Girls. This could only been described as a gutsy committed team run as they got their top 6 in the top 16 this has never happened before for Eastwood.

It has been over 21 years in the borough since any school has beaten SHSG in any local cross country competition but the year 9 girls managed to do it on the 14th of November which for every girl that was in that team was a very special moment.  

By Sasha


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