Will our running dreams come true?

Over the years our school has always came second in running events and athletics over Southend High for Girls.  It has all ways been from a couple of points to around 50 but in 2012 all that had changed. It all started off at the end of the summer term, a team of year 8 Eastwood girls made history for the first time beating Southend in athletics by 2 points. This was the start and every one knew for the cross country season that Southend would fight back.  Coming back from the summer holidays Eastwood was raring to go and so was Southend. Hard work was put into every single P.E and cross country club to maintain our victory over Southend.

On the 25th of October a group of year 9 put another date in history by beating Southend in the 4×1000 meter relay were we beat Southend by miles. So for this year so far it was 2-0 to Eastwood and we knew Southend wasn’t going to let that happen. Unfortunately on Saturday the 10th of November Southend fought back the title by beating  the year 9s. Luckily we have one more try in the cross country season to beat Southend and this is on the 14th of November  where 10 people for each year 7-11 race against local school to find the borough champion. This competition is being held at Blenheim Park.

 By Sasha


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We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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