Performers put on big smiles for the opening.

The children’s all-time favourite Peter Pan is coming to life with the help of RBS Banking, the classic fairy-tale will be acted out with workers from RBS and their relatives.

All of the actors taking part are all looking forward to the end production, which will be taking place on the 17th November. One of the main producers, Aaron Wisken has said “I am really enthusiastic about the show , all of the actors have been so helpful and coming to rehearsals in all the spare time they have”. He also quoted that their aim is to raise £1000, for the fantastic charity ‘Children In Need’.

All of the money raised will be donated to one of the U.K’s  leading charity,   ‘Children In Need’. It will be given to young children that may be disadvantaged in life. Hopefully all of the support that we are giving will make a huge difference to the lives of children all over the U.K. Children in Need have many fundraising events and we are hoping that this one will add to the amazing events that have taken place in the past .

Abbie, the dance teacher and Aaron are hoping to do another production like this in the future. I have been really excited about the excited about the show and proud to be a part of it , I , as well all of the cast , hope it will be a successful outcome . All of actors and dancers involved have been putting money towards the costumes, the venue and props .

We were also told today that the evening show was fully sold out and around 300 people are attending. The Matinee showing has also been selling tickets very rapidly. Together in total the estimated number of people coming to watch is around 550. Everyone is hoping that this great show will go well and raise some big money that will be given to children that may not be as fortunate as us.   

Written by Chanelle


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We are a group of young writers that are learning how to publish the news and some of us are even staring in it.
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  1. Mr Dunn says:

    Excellent work well done!!

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